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Caring for Puppies


A puppy has the intelligence and capacity for learning the same as an eight month old baby.
A puppy will chew everything and anything they can get their teeth on just as human babies do. They chew because they are teething. Also, this is how they explore and learn the world. It is up to the owner to guide them as to what is theirs to chew and what is not.
A puppy cannot hold their bladder for longer than 1-2 hours. They cannot feel that they need to pee or poop until it is actually coming out. They cannot tell you they have to go and cannot have bladder control until they are 6-9 months old. Please never punish or rub a puppies nose in it EVER! You need to let them in the proper spot to relieve themselves and if you have not for over three hours, it is your fault. Please remember this a puppy and it needs to go potty after eating, sleeping, playing, drinking and every 2-3 hours in addition. A crate of x-pen will help your puppy to housebreak. Understand accidents will happen and you need to be patient. All puppies learn with proper training.
Puppies love to play! They will run around and chase imaginary monsters, your feet, fuzz balls, other pets, small children and adults. They are just playing and it is what they do. It does not mean they have high energy they are healthy puppies. If you want a puppy that sleeps during the day you might consider an older dog. Use your wisdom to guide in puppy play. Use appropriate toys, activities of chasing a ball, and plenty of chew toys. If your puppy gets too rough or nips too hard talk to your puppy in dog talk by yelping very loud they will get the message because this is how dogs communicate with each other. Also, you may end the game and ignore the puppy for a few moments. Soon they will learn that being rough or nipping is not tolerated in the game.
Never yell, hit, strike, kick or beat a puppy. They are so very delicate and very impressionable. If you treat them harshly now they will grow up to learning to fear and could get aggressive. Instead guide with encouragement. If a puppy is chewing something wrong say, NO CHEW in a loud stern voice and then hand them a toy they can chew. Puppies cannot tell the difference between an old shoe and a new shoe. Anything on the floor that your puppy can get to is your fault. Please pick up anything you do not want your puppy to get at and puppy proof your home.
Puppies have feelings and drives much like your own but very different as well. Although they are not a human in a dog suit they are neither a robot that will obey your every command. They truly do want to please you and be a part of your family and life. Hopefully, you got a puppy because you want a loving partner and companion so never relegate your puppy to the yard, do not judge harshly but instead mold your puppy with gentleness and guidelines. With training, your puppy can become a well behaved member of your family.
No puppy is perfect as are no humans. Your puppy will love you unconditionally. PLEASE learn all you can about training, puppy behaviors and caring for your puppy by a Veterinarian, books on dog care and researching on the computer. Learn about the Coton De Tulear breed and the characteristics they have. It will help you understand why they do the things they do.  Train with love, patience and understanding the right way to behave. Also socialize your puppy in a puppy class or with obedience training. You will both have a lot of fun with it.
Your puppy wants to love and please you more than anything! Take the time to understand humans and dogs are the same in many ways. They both feel hunger, pain, thirst, discomfort, fear but yet they are very different in one another’s language, body signals, wants and needs. Soon your puppy will be a beautiful grown adult dog, hopefully one you can be proud of and one that you will love as much as your dog will love you.
Owning a Coton De Tulear is a big responsibility, it is a 15-18 year commitment. You as it’s owner are solely responsible for its health, quality of life, training, behavior and socialization with people, other dogs and animals. This takes time, patience, a financial and an emotional commitment on the part of the owner.
The Coton De Tulear is an extremely affectionate breed that thrives on human companionship. New owners will soon understand that having a Coton as an addition to their family will bring them much happiness. The Coton is a charming, affectionate companion who will be with you for many years but this brings additional responsibility.
Some basic requirements for dog ownership are listed below;
Puppy Proofing
Prepare your puppy arrival by thoroughly “puppy-proofing” your home and yard. You will need to get on your hands and knees and view your home and yard at the puppy level. Look for the following household dangers: Electric cords and sockets, unstable furniture items such as pedestals holding plants, statues, vases, collectibles, cat litter boxes, fireplaces, and any items placed on the floor.
Health Care
A veterinarian supervised preventative health care program of routine health examinations, vaccinations, heartworm prevention, de-worming and flea or tick-control is mandatory for maintaining your Coton’s health.
Neutering and Spaying

Neutering a male dog at the age of six months old can alleviate many problems commonly attributed to the “intact” male dog such as territorial aggression, improper sexual behavior, and territorial marking. Neutering your dog will also greatly lower the risk of him escaping in search of a breeding partner. Unaltered male dogs become rather single minded when a female dog is in heat in your neighborhood. In addition, studies show that early neutering greatly reduces your dogs chance of prostate or testicle cancer.

All puppies sold under a Companion contract must be spayed or neutered. Spaying a female drastically reduces her chances of developing mammary cancer and removes all threats of uterine cancer.
It is a must that your dog know the basic commands of sit, stay, down and come. I have enclosed helpful training information in this book. These commands could save your dogs life in an emergency situation and they will make day to day living with your pet much easier if you have some control over it’s behavior.
Traveling with your Coton De Tulear
It is never okay to leave your dogs waste in a public area when taking the dog for a walk. Always be prepared to take along a disposable plastic bag in order to pick up after your dog. Many airlines and hotels will accept dogs. It is very important to make arrangements prior to your departure so that you and your pet are not subject to unnecessary delays. Please give hotel guests the same consideration as you do you neighbors at home by being vigilant to excessive barking.
Puppies do not like to mess where they eat or sleep. The crate where they sleep and eat will not be messed if the dog has bladder control and is let out.  Do not punish your puppy for making mistaking, only praise and give rewards for eliminating in the correct areas.Take the puppy outside in all weather conditions. If you do not your puppy might grow up to think it should only eliminate in only dry conditions such as your house.  Take your puppy out frequently and at the correct times. The puppy should be taken outside after they sleep, eat, and play. You will notice they scurry around, circle and sniff right before they need to eliminate. Watch your puppy carefully when they are free and you will catch them every time. Then you can hurry them to the correct spot outdoors.  Also, keep them on a food and water schedule. You will soon know the amount of time it takes for them to eliminate after they have taken a drink or had food.
The best advice I can give is always watch your puppy. They are toddlers and need constant supervision. When your puppy is completely trained and reaches adulthood it will be the most wonderful dog!

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