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GCH Just Incredible Chanel

Chanel group1

AKC Grand Champion, #2 Dog in AKC All Breed standings in 2014, #1 Bitch in AKC and #1 in USACTC Parent Breed Club Lopatin Award Winner for 2014, AKC Certificate of Merit 2, ICKC Champion, Grand Junior Champion, International Champion, ARBA Junior Champion, KC-USA Junior Champion, KC-USA Champion, International Jugend-Champion and USACTC Champion


 Chanel is Gianni and Fendi’s baby girl from their last litter. We bred  Gianni many times waiting for a female puppy. He finally gave us the cutest one, Chanel! Of course she stayed here with us. She is very spunky, playful and thinks she is one of the big dogs. We can see many qualities of both of her parents in her. Chanel prances around the show ring with the best attitude and has won many Best Puppy in Show ribbons. She became a Grand Junior Champion with ICKC.  Then, an International Champion. Also, she has won a best bred by show and has won best of breed over adult Coton dogs at only eight months old. She definitely takes after her parents in the show ring.  Chanel has been showing in AKC  since we were in Miscellaneous and doing fabulous, she received her Certificate of Merit twice and in less than 6 months has become a Grand Champion with AKC! 

GCH Just Incredible Chanel CM2  CHIC# 91244

OFA Health Tested- Passed Cardiac, Hips-good, Elbows, Patellar and Eyes. Degenerative Myelopathy clear, Neonatal Ataxia clear, CMR2 clear, Primary Hyperoxaluria clear and Hyperuicosuria clear.





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