Puppy Availability

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You will recieve a binder full of training material to read when you come to get your puppy. We give professional written material as well as advice from experience. Examples of tips we give are; puppies do not like to mess where they eat or sleep. The crate where they sleep and eat will not be messed if the dog has bladder control and is let out.  Do not punish your puppy for making mistakes, only praise and give rewards for eliminating in the correct areas.  Take the puppy outside in all weather conditions. If you do not, your puppy might grow up thinking it should only eliminate in dry conditions such as your house.  Take your puppy out frequently and at the correct times. The puppy should be taken outside after they sleep, eat, and play. You will notice they scurry around, circle and sniff right before they need to eliminate. Watch your puppy carefully when they are free and you will catch them every time. Then you can hurry them to the correct spot outdoors.  Also, keep them on a food and water schedule. You will soon know the amount of time it takes for them to eliminate after they have taken a drink or had food.

The best advice I can give is always watch your puppy. They are toddlers and need constant supervision. When your puppy is completely trained and reaches adulthood it will be the most wonderful dog!

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