Puppy Availability

If you are interested in reserving a puppy, please complete our online questionnaire.

Preparing for Puppies

The families that receive my puppies are given the information below to properly prepare for their puppies coming home.

I feed all of my dogs and puppies a very high quality food, I will give you a small bag when you receive your puppy. 
If you choose to give a different food you will need to mix this new food with the food I give you for a week. Their digestive system will need to adjust to a new food.
I will provide a small vari- kennel for the car ride home.
If you do not want to give the puppy free run of the kitchen with gates blocking off other rooms off the kitchen, you should use an exercise pen. Also, this helps to keep the puppy safe from the other dogs in the house if you have them.  You will feed the puppy in this area in the beginning and put your puppy here when you can not watch your puppy.
The puppy never wants to pee or poop where they eat or sleep. However, I suggest you place a wee wee pad in this area in case they cannot hold it and if they are in there too long. I get the pads here, http://store.poochpad.com/wirecratepads.html. Also, I use the holder for pads you can purchase at Amazon. 
My puppies are trained to drink out of water bottles that attach to x-pens but they can also drink out of a bowl.
The puppies are teething and the best chews are the nylabone edibles or Odor FREE bully sticks. They can choke on rawhides and they cannot digest them. Please get Odor FREE bully sticks, if you get the regular ones the smell is terrible, make sure it is Odor FREE not low Odor.  The web site for the odor free bully sticks is, 
The link to the Best Coton de Tulear book out there, you have to order it from Canada, http://home.istar.ca/~shaglear/book.htm

Cotons Corner